Walk With Me | Tamar Island Wetlands, Launceston

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We can all relate to this one friend who we don’t talk to for long periods of time, yet when we  catch up with them again, it seems like we’ve never even left before. I have heaps of friends who does fit that criteria. But I’m going to talk about this one psychology friend of mine.

Recently he asked me, “What changes have you made to yourself from the last time I talked to you?” These questions always stump me. Not because I haven’t changed at all, but more so the fact that I haven’t had the time to sit down and reflect on my life.


It was more than half a year since I talked to him last. And simply, I could frame my answer to say “yes, I have changed”. But, “how have you changed?” really is the question we were both asking ourselves.


We’ve always made the word “change” have a bad connotation. Think of movies when they use the phrase, “You’ve changed. You were never like this”. It always happens in those superhero and villain movies. But in reality, change could also be for the better, and I know I have changed myself to become a little more mature and to experience more in life.


This time, I’ve experienced what it’s like to step back from my working life and to just go on a holiday without bringing my laptop. I am quite the workaholic – I get bored when I’m not working or there’s nothing to think about in my mind. Social Media and the Internet fuels my creativity. When I’m disconnected from those two mediums, I always feel a sense of uncertainty of why I am wasting time – which as a matter of factly, I am not.


Tamar Island Wetlands showed me that inspiration and creativity doesn’t always have to come from Internet sources, but it could simply be the beauty of the environment around us. I was inspired by the serenity and the perfection of nature to write an article about change. Nature changes all the time, and so do we. As cliche as it sounds, there is beauty in every change. We get to experience more in life, and as we do, we mature and grow into a better person.


Photography by Eugene Choi & Myself.

Edits by Myself.

Flora C.


I’ll Show You | Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

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I use to spend all my money on tangible items like clothes, accessories, and small decor items. However, as I have matured over the years, I felt that I should be spending more money on intangible items, like the experiences from travelling or from spending time with my friends and family.

I was a bit skeptical about going to Tasmania for a short vacay trip during the middle of Winter. In my mind, I was convinced that it would “just be another Australia”.

Think eucalyptus trees, scrubby bushes and just kilometres of grass.

The moment I landed in Tasmania, I went straight to Cradle Mountain. At the time, I didn’t do my research and had no idea of what to expect when I got there. As pessimistic as it sounds, I was also doubting the fact that we would actually get to the mountain because of the torrential downpour and the howling winds I was experiencing on the day I landed in Tasmania.


Like I stated before, I wasn’t sure of what to expect when I got to Cradle Mountain. So the sight of sprinkling snow and the ashy green-white hues got me excited. I’m not a huge fan of the snow, but at that point in time, I did have a slight appreciation of the chill that seeped through my heavy-weighted, army green duck down jacket – that sacrifice was definitely worth it. The number of photos I have taken does not begin to describe how beautiful Cradle Mountain when it was snowing.

It reminded me somewhat of the Justin Beiber’s music video, I’ll Show You – The colour scheme, the chill, serene environment, and ultimately its beauty. I went during the coldest month in Tasmania around the June to July period. Usually, the trend is to avoid this area because of its low temperatures due to safety reasons. However, I thought that because of the cold, wintry season, I was able to experience Tasmania through a different perspective where others won’t see normally.

It definitely made my photography game a lot more exciting.


For more information or photos of my trip to Tasmania, check out my other blog on 5 Reasons Why You Should Plan A Trip To Tasmania.


Photography by Mumma Choi & Myself.
Edits by Myself.

Flora C.

Prints | Coogee Beach, Sydney

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Motivation is the key driver to success.


I remember my short-term goal for first-year uni was to take sleep religiously, attend every social gathering and to go on brunch dates every odd day. It was my first year without after school English and Maths tutoring, the painful late night Maths studies and the countless all-nighter cramming sessions of a year’s worth of content. Just like any other Commerce student, I embraced the “skipping lecture” stereotype and went to uni for only two days. I felt like I was living the life for a while.

It was admittedly fun for a while, but it did get to a point in time where I was questioning what I was doing with my life. I am a girl who loves a good challenge so I was starting to get a little bored with my life. I needed something to motivate me to do more.

Second-year uni was when I decided to make a change by seeking out a new challenge that would motivate me to do more with my life. It decided to aim high – get a retail job, a Marketing/ PR/ Advertising internship and volunteer in the fashion industry i.e. fashion shows. The real challenge was to juggle all that while studying full-time uni and a diploma for drama and performance. It’s these challenges that have made my life a little more exciting. It’s a way to better understand myself and to motivate myself to become a better person (as cliche as it sounds, it’s true).



You don’t have to think of ambitious goals to motivate yourself. On the contrary, you could start with something easy. It could be something as simple as getting a glowing tan this Summer – yes, I am slowly getting there by making trips down to Australian beaches or swimming pools on my days off.

My present goal is to become a better photographer and editor. I love taking photos of literally everything and making it somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

Everyone has to start somewhere. For me, my beginning was on @eufloriaa Instagram. At present, it’s more focused on travel and lifestyle photos. I am motivated to edit and upload more creative pieces for @eufloriaa. It will be a challenge since I don’t have much Photoshop experience, but I’m definitely excited to learn and experiment.



Photography & Edits by Myself.

Flora C.

Sandstones | Barangaroo, Sydney

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One of my all time favourite hobby is to go around and take photos of everything.

I love to document my spontaneous adventures through photography and videography. It’s like writing in a diary, except it’s more visually dynamic and exciting to look back.

I love walking down memory lane and looking back at all those times when I decided to challenge myself.

There’s one motto I always remind myself, and that is Live Life With No Regrets. Up until this day, this phrase has motivated me to push myself out of my comfort zones and live my life to its full potential.

The Face Behind Sugar Sticks is all about how I motivate and challenge myself. The photos are from my spontaneous brunch adventures around Sydney – for more brunch aesthetics and other adventurous ideas, check out my Instagram @eufloriaa!

Please have a read and let me know how you challenge and motivate yourself!


“I want my readers to make a change today by firstly, becoming aware of how much sugar they are eating on a daily basis and secondly, how they can work towards becoming sugar-free. I want my readers to stay motivated and reach their goals, the same way that I did for myself.”

via The Face Behind Sugar Sticks — Sugar Sticks

Flora C.

Field Trip | Centennial Park, Sydney

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Old edits – Pre Winter shots




A classic throwback to the last time i made field trips a priority











Photography by Ilka Woo & Lauren Ng

Edits by Myself


Flora C.

I Style Caramel | Paddington Reservoir, Sydney

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Questions of the day –

How do you style?

What is style?

What is my style?

Why style?




Those questions are by far the most popularised question that comes up at work.

Put it this way – What garments do you like wear? What are you favourite colours? What do you feel comfortable in?

Those would be your starting points.




For me, i would say my style is very central to the colours – blacks, whites, greys and neutrals. Those colours match my slightly tanned skin tone and my darkish hair colour the best.

Not only that, i’m a fan of simplistic, minimalistic designs. I can’t do sequins, glitters and sparkles on a daily basis, though i do sometimes branch out to that spectrum on special occasions. Though i wouldn’t classify them as my day to day wardrobe.

I love A- line skirts as they have a little flare which accentuates my waist a little. Skinny jeans are my all time go to, though funnily enough, i still haven’t found my perfect pair of blue skinnys (which raises the question of my loyalty towards the skinny jeans range).

Overtime, i have grown over the crop top phase and am more into longline silhouettes and bold cuts on garment tops. It brings out more textures and makes my outfits look a little more sophisticated while keeping it casual.

So how do you find your style?



1. What do you like to wear?

Best starting point is to look in your wardrobe and see what you have a lot of. Pinpoint the most frequent garment you own (e.g. knitted jumpers), or even the most frequent colour (e.g. whites).

Remember, style is all about you, not what the person next to you is wearing. You might be wearing a gorgeous black, low V- neck jumper with flared sleeves – you might be able to pull it off really well, but it might just look a little odd on your friend.


2. Who are your style icons?

I like to draw inspiration everywhere, and it doesn’t necessary have to be fashion style icons either. I also follow interior designers or even photographers on Instagram just to see what colours work well together and also what textures would look good if i were to picture it on a garment.

Anyhow, your style icons are always full of new styling ideas and would keep you on top of things. So follow a couple on Instagram, Pinterest of even Facebook , snapshot the ones you like, and draw inspiration from them for your next day to day outfit.



3. What does your friend compliment you on?

We trust our friend’s opinions and suggestions when we unravel our life dilemmas to them . So why don’t we trust our friend’s opinion when it comes to fashion sense? Obviously, don’t ask them whether you look amazing in the grey, wool A- line skirt you just bought recently otherwise they would be pressured to say it looks fabulous.

More so just wait for a compliment. If it really suits you, someone is going to voice their opinion. Otherwise, you would know for next time that maybe you have to style the skirt with another garment, then maybe it would help accentuate your whole outfit.




Photography by Ilka Woo & Lauren Ng

Edits by Myself


Flora C.

Stressless Scribbles | Surry Hills, Sydney

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People often ask me this question.

“You are always so busy. How do you juggle uni, work, volunteering, a social life, fitness & sleep?”

It may seem like I’m doing just fine all the time, but really you have got to make some sacrifices sometimes and for me, sleep is usually the victim.

However, it is always best to allocate time for yourself to relax even though you may be hammered with heaps of assignments and assessments with tight deadlines. Personally, i find that finding a little bit of time to relax would make me work more productively.

Anyways, here are some of my ideas on how to relax.





1. Forget colouring in books. Your phone/ iPad/ laptop is your new de- stressing tool.

I find colouring in books to be monotonous and somewhat frustrating and not only that, it literally is a waste of paper and my money.

You probably already have an iPad, and if not, you definitely would have some sort of technological device. So download a creative app onto your device and start doodling. I find this much more captivating and relaxing (and cheaper as i am on a student budget).





2. Go explore, even if it’s just to brunch.

I know this totally contradicts my idea of “student budget” and every saving money strategy – but we all need to eat right? If you think about it, the food at uni averages around $7-$10 and so if you save that money by bringing food from home and THEN spend that food money on aesthetically pleasing brunch places e.g. Surry Hills, Newtown, etc.  not only would you be more satisfied, but you would have something to Instagram.

Trust me, it’s better off that way. Your food expenses are put into better use.





3. Pump up the music even though it isn’t a Friday night

Make a go- to playlist for all those time when you need a break.

Mine is literally compiled according to my mood. Usually it’s all EDM and the Top 100s Hits because I’m literally your typical mainstream consumer. But pretty much what i would do is play my music loud in my room – this helps me forget about everything i need to do (all those responsibilities and deadlines can wait a bit longer).





4. Photograph all those crazy times you and your friends get up to

Really, one way for me to relax is to go on random adventures around Sydney and to take heaps of photos until my iCloud explodes. It’s hilarious, trust me. And not only that, you do end up accumulating heaps of photos that could be used for “friendly rivalry” or just for  a standard Instagram post.





I promise i’ll upload more content – after i go on a few more brunches and scribble a little more.






Photography by Lauren Ng and Ilka Woo

Edits by Myself


Flora C.

Waters rougher than Bondi | Sai Wan, Hong Kong

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Sai Wan Swimming Shed | Sai Wan, Hong Kong


My decision to visit this place was purely based on the Instagram hashtag –  #SaiWanSwimmingShed



To be honest, i had no idea how to get there (the geotagging on Instagram was so vague) – and how i got there was pretty much sheer luck. I literally got into a cab and described the swimming shed to him – based on what i saw in that Instagram post.

After much confusion, as to why i would want to go to a “swimming shed”, and him persuading me not to go since it’s in the middle of nowhere…

I finally made it, undefeated by his judgemental comments.




And i still don’t regret going here, sorry cabbie.

Guess this is what us people love to do.


Photography by Mumma Choi & Myself
Edits by Myself


Flora C.